The psychologist revealed the unexpected cause of problems with sex in men and women

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Due to constant stress, problems can arise in the sexual life of both men and women. This was told by the psychologist-sexologist Svetlana Fast. She named some of the symptoms that can appear in response to severe stress and told which ones to eliminate.

“Arousal in women [при постоянном стрессе] may be accompanied by vaginismus – spasms of the vaginal muscles, lack of lubrication, ”Svetlana Fast told the journalist. Men suffering from overexertion may experience erection problems and may also suffer from premature ejaculation. Also, both men and women may experience prolonged lack of orgasms and pain during sexual intercourse.

This is due to the fact that the body during stress is in a state of constant readiness for danger. This condition is accompanied by constant fatigue, anxiety or apathy. To get rid of stress and its unpleasant consequences, the psychologist recommended paying more attention to relaxation. Massage, walks, creative activities will help with this. In addition, stress will pass faster if a person eats a balanced diet and gets enough sleep, and also establishes a drinking regimen.

American sexologist Bat Sheva Marcus recalled that sexual life is very important for the harmonious development of relationships. He believes that for strong relationships it is necessary to have sex at least once every two weeks. Urologist Evgeny Korotkov said that sexual intercourse in a healthy man should last 5-7 minutes. channel 360.

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