The prosecutor’s office of the Moscow region demands to recognize the fact of the genocide of the peoples of the USSR

The prosecutor's office of the Moscow region demands to recognize the fact of the genocide of the peoples of the USSR

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The prosecutor’s office of the Moscow region sent a statement to the court establishing the fact of the genocide of the peoples of the Soviet Union in the occupied territory of the Moscow region in the period from October 1941 to January 1942. This was reported in the Telegram channel of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

It is specified that the application was sent on behalf of the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov.

“It was established that the occupied territory and its inhabitants were to become the resource base of the Nazi army, to provide it with everything necessary to continue the war. Citizens were tortured, they were killed, robbed, expelled from their homes in order to free up the area for quartering German military units. Forced labor was used to build German defensive lines. Also, people were driven out onto the roads and into the fields for mine clearance, ”the publication says.

The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that the total number of victims during the period of occupation in the Moscow region amounted to more than 26 thousand people. The amount of material damage caused to the region is currently estimated at 6.4 trillion rubles.

“In support of these facts, a significant amount of evidence was provided, including archival documents, expert opinions of specialists, testimonies, and criminal case materials,” the department added.

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Germany during the Great Patriotic War was not going to oust the Soviet population from the occupied territories, but to destroy it, the losses among civilians and prisoners of war were not the costs of a military campaign, but the targeted extermination of the Slavic population.

In a number of regions of Russia, trials have already taken place on the recognition of a legal fact – the genocide of the Soviet people. The claims were substantiated by archival documents declassified within the framework of the federal project “Without a statute of limitations” with data on the atrocities of the Nazi invaders. In the autumn of 2022, two more processes started: on the recognition of the blockade of Leningrad and actions in the occupied territories of the Leningrad region as genocide.


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