The prosecutor’s office of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug began an investigation into the sex scandal at school after the publication of URA.RU

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After the publication of the URA.RU material about depraved acts between students of the Raduzhny elementary school (KhMAO), the prosecutor’s office began an investigation. The agency was informed about this by the press service of the supervisory agency.

“The prosecutor’s office of the city of Raduzhny, on behalf of the district prosecutor’s office, organized an investigation based on information posted in the media regarding the commission of illegal actions by minors against a schoolgirl from an educational institution in the city of Raduzhny,” the press service of the district prosecutor’s office reported. During the inspection, department employees will assess the juvenile delinquency. In addition, the prosecutor’s office will check the actions of school officials responsible for protecting the life and health of students during their stay in the institution. All the circumstances of the incident are currently being clarified.

Meanwhile, according to the girl’s mother, the schoolchildren who forced her daughter to perform depraved acts continue to study with her in the same class, and they are trying to “remove her from the class.” “The school administration does not want this situation to be taken outside the school. I don’t want this either, but I’m afraid for my child,” the woman said in the school’s parent chat.

To clarify the details of the incident, the agency’s correspondent contacted the school administration. However, the institution did not answer the journalist’s call.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that a scandal broke out in one of the schools in Raduzhny (KhMAD) due to the depraved actions of elementary school students with a classmate. Children forced a girl to undress and perform acts of a sexual nature right on the territory of an educational institution.

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