The prosecutor’s office of Nizhnevartovsk will check the mayor’s office after the child is taken hostage. Video

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In Nizhnevartovsk, a man took a child hostage and opened fire

The prosecutor’s office of Nizhnevartovsk organizes an inspection of local governments responsible for the prevention of socially vulnerable families, after the incident with the capture of his own son by an ex-employee of the subordinate mayor’s office of Vladimir Shirokov’s institution. Acting prosecutor of the city Nikolay Demyanchuk told URA.RU that an inspection would also be carried out in relation to the bodies controlling the circulation of weapons.

“During the inspection, the city prosecutor’s office will assess the prevention system to identify families in a socially dangerous situation. An audit will also be carried out on compliance with the functions of control over the circulation of firearms by the authorized bodies,” Demyanchuk said.

According to i. O. the prosecutor of Nizhnevartovsk, based on the results of the audit, appropriate prosecutorial response measures will be taken. The prosecutor’s office of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug told the agency journalist that such checks after incidents are always organized as usual. “The organs of the prevention system are always checked in case of such incidents. Whenever children are victims, the prosecutor’s office checks all responsible organizations,” the department stressed.

Earlier URA.RU wrote that Shirokov was persuaded to surrender by Nizhnevartovsk police chief Fanis Khamatov. He himself volunteered to negotiate with the armed man.

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