The prosecutor admits criminal charges in the case of the death of a cameraman in the United States


    Film set of Rust on the Bonanza Creek Ranch - 1920, 10/27/2021

    WASHINGTON, Oct 27 – The investigation into the death in the United States of cameraman Galina Hutchins from a bullet fired by famous American actor Alec Baldwin may result in criminal charges, Santa Fe County Attorney Mary Carmack-Altweiss told the newspaper New York Times
    “We did not rule out anything. At this stage, everything is possible, including criminal charges,” the newspaper quoted her as saying.
    Born in the USSR, Hutchins was mortally wounded when Baldwin shot her with a pistol that was supposed to be loaded with blanks on the set of the western “Rust”. The director of the film, Joel Sousa, was also wounded by the same shot. After the tragedy, filming in the US state of New Mexico was suspended.

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