The production of natural stone products in Khimki was updated thanks to a regional subsidy

The Khimki enterprise, which is developing a project in the field of import substitution, was visited by the head of the city district Dmitry Voloshin. Previously, the company received a regional subsidy in the amount of 6.1 million rubles.

The production of natural stone products in Khimki was updated thanks to a regional subsidy

Production manufactures concrete mosaic slabs according to the Italian “terrazzo” technology. At the meeting, the head of Khimki and the general director of the company discussed the implementation of the subsidy, as well as plans for the development and modernization of production.

“It is important that the money allocated by the government of the Moscow Region with the assistance of the governor Andrey Yuryevich Vorobyov reach a specific enterprise and be spent on the modernization of production – a specific line, machines, premises. The company we visited is an example of the targeted assistance that is being provided to businesses today. It is important that the company plans to further expand production, we will provide the necessary administrative assistance. We are interested in our tax residents to develop. The budget of the district also depends on this,” said Dmitry Voloshin, head of Khimki.

The production of natural stone products in Khimki was updated thanks to a regional subsidy |  Picture 1Photo source: TV channel “360”

Stone-Terrazzo was established in November 2021. Nevertheless, it already has 60 employees in its staff. The company produces concrete and mosaic products from natural stone according to the old Italian technology. Domestic marble chips of various fractions and cement are used here as raw materials.

The production of natural stone products in Khimki was updated thanks to a regional subsidy |  Picture 2Photo source: TV channel “360”

The subsidy that the company received helped partially offset the costs of purchasing equipment and developing production. The general director of the company, Yevgeny Damansky, noted that they learned about the possibility of receiving a subsidy at one of the meetings between the district administration and entrepreneurs.

“We plan to modernize production. In particular, to purchase a polishing line, thereby replacing mechanical machines with automated ones. They will allow to increase production volumes at least one and a half times. I want to thank the government of the Moscow Region and the district administration for supporting us and not leaving us alone in a difficult situation with difficulties. Thanks to this support, we can further develop our business,” Damansky shared.

The company rents a 1200 square meter premises where the production is located. In the future, it is planned to expand and build its own production complex. Dmitry Voloshin noted that the administration is ready to provide the necessary assistance and help with the search and selection of land.

In July, six companies from the city district of Khimki won the competition for subsidies for the development and modernization of their production. Among the winners are a furniture manufacturer, a printing house, a dry cleaner and a private medical center.

On August 1, the acceptance of applications for new subsidies for businesses began in the Moscow Region. These are grants to social entrepreneurs and subsidies to small businesses to enter marketplaces.

Import substitution projects can receive land in the Moscow region for one ruble and a preferential loan of up to 5% from the Industrial Development Fund.

Earlier, the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov spoke about the expansion of the Moscow Region 10 Hectares program. According to it, farmers can rent land for their farms for free.

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