The problems of food providers started increasing

Baaton Baaton Mein: Dr. Sunil Gupta. Bilaspur. Whether the weather affects someone or not, it has a direct impact on the food providers. The matter of unseasonal rain is something else. This only brings disaster for the farmers. Don’t you see now? If anyone is affected the most by the unseasonal rains, then it is the farmers. Apart from wheat, what will be the bigger problem in front of the food providers who take crops of pulses and oilseeds?

The rain accompanied by thunder and lightning has added to their troubles. Apart from wheat, the crops of pulses and oilseeds are flourishing in the fields. The water has ruined it. Along with wheat, agricultural scientists are also expressing fear of damage to the pulses crop. Can’t even do anything in natural calamity. Except cursing yourself and your fate. Now the eyes of the farmers have turned towards the government.

Holiana mood is not over: Holi festival is over. Rangpanchami also came and went. The mood of the people still seems to be Holiana. The residents of the city are not ready to change the mood at the moment. That’s why even after Panchami, Holi Milan celebrations are being organized in the mohallas. There is a lot of propaganda regarding Holi Milan in the internet media. Assembly elections are also being considered as a big reason behind the Holiana mood.

That’s why even now Abir Gulal is being blown away from politicians to social officials. Holi of flowers has its own style. Be it Abir Gulal or Holi of flowers, the purpose is the same. Sensing everyone’s mood and conveying your meaning to their ears. Politicians are being successful in this to a great extent. Apart from reaching out to the people, the shared Holi games are giving a message of togetherness.

Understand the message of this crowd: Alliance Air has stopped the flight from Bilaspur to Indore. The company has increased the airfare from Bilaspur to Delhi. The anger of the residents of the city erupted on Friday due to the huge increase in the fare and the closure of the flight to Indore. People came out on the road on a call from the Hawai Suvidha Sangharsh Samiti. The committee had already announced to take out the candle march. People reached Raghavendra Rao Sabha Bhawan, the site of spontaneous protest.

Within no time, the campus was filled to the brim. The townspeople also came to join the march and also brought candles in their hands. It is clear that people had already come in a mood of protest. The meaning of their participation and solidarity has to be understood. The people of the city got united and took their message wherever they wanted to reach. Now they have to understand the message of the townspeople. Otherwise it will be too late.

Fatal hobby of internet media: The dazzling hobby of internet media among tin agers is starting to prove fatal. A young man lost his life in the hobby of reel making. The condition of growing craze among the youth is that neither they are accepting nor ready to understand. The irony is that all of them are helping each other while making reels and also shoot from mobiles.

The incident in the Science College campus is a lesson to be learned. What must be going on the parents who spent a major part of their hard earned money for the education and better future of their loved ones. Only he can know and understand this. His pain is immense. This hobby of Ashutosh gave pain for life. Lost his hands from real life in the course of reel. If this is not ignorance then what is. This tendency has to be avoided.

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