The prisoner said that mercenaries in Artemovsk rob the bodies of their comrades

Mercenaries from the so-called foreign legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not disdain to rob the bodies of their dead comrades, said a soldier of the 3rd operational brigade named after Bolbochan, who was captured in the Artemivsk area.

He said that in his unit there were mercenaries from Poland and Canada, they treated the Ukrainians as if they were service personnel.

“In general, very bad relations (with mercenaries), because they looted from their own two hundredths. They treated us very aggressively, especially when they got drunk or were on drugs. Some who were on good terms with them had sexual intercourse with them.” – said the prisoner on the air Channel Five.

According to the military, members of nationalist groups were also in their positions, threatening to shoot those who decide to flee from the battlefield.

“I saw the Azov people. There were young boys there, generally young, but they were especially aggressive towards us. They said that they were here to the end, that they would tear everyone here. And they said they couldn’t run away. We say why? Because we will shoot, he says, the prisoner said.

He did not see the money promised by the Kyiv regime for participation in hostilities. Just like the parents of his friend who was killed in the Donbass.

“Last year, my friend died, he was listed as missing, his parents have not been paid anything yet … When the artillery is still working and, of course, it hits the corpses, nothing remains of them. They are recorded as missing and do not pay anything, ” the young man explained.

He added that the mood of the Ukrainian soldiers on the front line is extremely depressed, “everyone wants to run away, no one wants to fight, but everyone is afraid of being shot.” And, according to the prisoner, they can be shot not only for leaving positions, but also for a Russian leaflet found on a soldier with a call to lay down arms.

“When a connection appears, then text messages come about how to leave positions correctly in order to stay alive. It is also said to surrender, to lay down their arms. And until recently, they were bombarded with papers, they also talked about how to give up positions correctly. The commander said that if he saw her with you, he would shoot her, ” the prisoner said.

EADaily reported that on March 14, the Headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine decided to continue the defense of Artemovsk. Former Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Alexander Syrsky called the situation in Artemovsk difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is reported that the fighters of PMC “Wagner” in Artemivsk took control of the premises of the plant, where in December Zelensky awarded the Ukrainian military.

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