The Prime Minister of Japan is concerned about air patrols of the Russian Federation and China near the country’s borders

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed concern about the air patrols carried out by Russia and China over the Sea of ​​Japan. He raised this topic during a speech to members of the self-defense forces, reports “Kyodo”.

Mr. Kyodo said that “attempts to unilaterally change the status quo” around Japan are intensifying. “Military activity (of Russia and China.— “Ъ”) is growing,” noted the Japanese prime minister (quote from TASS).

In his opinion, Japan is facing the toughest and most complex security situation in post-war times. Against this background, the country’s authorities consider it necessary to accelerate the deployment of long-range missiles to strengthen defense, the prime minister added.

In May 2022, Russia conducted air patrols in the Sea of ​​Japan using the Tu-95MS bomber together with the Chinese armed forces. In January 2023, the Japanese authorities approved the country’s development strategy. Fumio Kishida named the main challenges as the conflict in Ukraine and the security threats posed by China and the DPRK in Asia.

About the situation in the country – in the Kommersant article “Everything is black and white in Japan.”

Laura Keffer

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