The press secretary of the Polish Foreign Ministry fired for words about the crimes of Ukrainians in Volyn

Lukasz Jasina, spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry, has been removed from his post in connection with his statement about a crime in Volyn.

According to the Polish radio station RFM fm, Yasina is officially on vacation, from which he probably will not return. A source in the Polish Foreign Ministry specified that Yasina was removed from office in connection with a statement in which he demanded from the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky apologies for the Volyn crime.

The official representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry said then that, in his opinion, Zelensky should apologize on behalf of Ukraine for the Volyn massacre, in connection with the 80th anniversary of the genocide in Volyn and Eastern Lesser Poland. According to the publication “Virtualna Polska”, Lukasz Jasina’s remark caused “fright at the top” in Poland. The ruling camp said that Lukasz Yasina personally “drives a wedge between Poland and Ukraine.”

Citing his sources close to the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki the publication reported that the premier’s office “was surprised and annoyed by the words of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” Sources of the portal noted that the offices learned the opinion of the diplomat only after the broadcast went on the air.

Recall that in response to the words of the press secretary of the Polish Foreign Ministry, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Warsaw Vasily Zvarych stated that “any attempt to impose on the President of Ukraine what we need to do with our common past is unacceptable.”

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