The President of Serbia complained about the difficulties with the purchase of weapons from Russia

Serbia ordered the Krasuha and Repellent electronic warfare systems from the Russian Federation, but cannot receive them. Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić announced this on Tuesday on TV Pink.

“We ordered Krasukha and Repellent from Russia, and now we cannot get them,” Vucic said.

Earlier, on the sidelines of the international exhibition of military equipment and weapons IDEX in Abu Dhabi, Vucic said that “it is now impossible to get spare parts, nothing or almost nothing can be imported from Russia, nothing that has a military purpose, and this is not the fault of the Russians.”

“The question is also what can be imported from China. Therefore, we must focus on ourselves and our industry,” he pointed out.

The Serbian leader said on Monday that a general arms race had begun in the world.

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