The PRC has revealed how many drones have been sent to Ukraine since the beginning of the Northern Military District

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

After the start of the special operation, China did not supply UAVs to Ukraine. But between January and August 2023, five drones were taken out of China. This is indicated by data from the General Administration of Customs (GCU) of the PRC.

“According to the department’s online system, from March to December 2022, Chinese companies did not supply a single drone to the Ukrainian side, and in January – August 2023, only five UAVs were exported from China to Ukraine,” TASS reports information from the State Technical University of China. In addition, according to Chinese customs statistics, before the start of the special operation, Kyiv purchased approximately 530 drones from China. The total order amount exceeded 900 thousand dollars.

Earlier it was reported that there was a shortage of drones in Ukraine. The situation was affected by restrictions on the export of components for UAVs from China. They came into force on September 1. There are fears that due to restrictions from the PRC, the situation with the presence of drones in Ukraine may worsen significantly. This will be an advantage for Russia.


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