The Post-American Era Begins with China’s Strike on the US in the Gulf – EADaily – China News. China news. News China. USA news. USA news. China. USA. News. News today. China news on March 12, 2023. USA China news.

Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi stated that “the post-American era has begun in the Gulf region.” It is reported by Iranist.

The Iranian general noted:

“The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is an earthquake in the US political field and the end of American hegemony in the region. With this agreement, the post-American era began in the Gulf region.”

As Safavi noted:

“This agreement is for the benefit of the two countries and the West Asia region, and not against any of the countries in the region … The Chinese-brokered agreement was China’s second largest blow to America.”

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