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The Pope clarified his words about the “bark of NATO”, intriguing the world


Pope Francis, talking the day before with the editors-in-chief of the Jesuit media, clarified his words about “NATO barking” as the reasons for the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

The Italian newspaper La Stampa published a transcript of the Pope’s conversation. He said in particular:

“A few months before the start of the war, I met with one of the leaders of the states, a wise man who speaks little, but is actually very wise. After all, he told me that he was very worried about the NATO movement. I asked him why, and he answered me: “They bark under the doors of Russia and do not understand that the Russians are an imperial nation and will not allow any foreign power to approach them.”

He added that his interlocutor stressed: “The situation could lead to war.”

“That was his opinion. On February 24, the war began. This head of state was able to read the signs of what was to come,” Francis concluded.

Who was this “wise man”, the pontiff did not answer, giving political scientists food for conjecture. According to Francis, “a third world war has been declared” today.

“Someone can tell me in this situation that I am for Putin. No. That would be an oversimplification and it would be wrong to say something like that. I’m just against reducing complexity to distinguish between good and evil, without thinking about roots and interests, which are very complex,” Francis explained.


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