The Pope admitted that he is not ready to cancel the vow of celibacy for priests

March 12, 2023, 23:53

Perfil: Pope Francis says he’s not ready to reconsider celibacy

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Pope Francis in an interview with an Argentine newspaper Perfil admitted that he was not ready to measure the vow of celibacy for Catholic clergy. However, he admitted that a revision of celibacy is possible in the future.

“There will come a time when dad may reconsider [целибат]. I am not ready to cancel it yet, but, obviously, this is a matter of discipline, nothing to do with dogma, which exists today and may not exist tomorrow, ”the Pope explained.

The pontiff noted that marriages are allowed in the eastern part of the Catholic Church. There have been concessions in the history of the church, Francis stressed.

At the same time, he expressed doubt that the abolition of celibacy would help attract young people to serve the church. He called celibacy a temporary prescription and discipline.

The Catholic Church in Germany has allowed same-sex marriages to be blessed since March 2026. The synodal meeting, which took place on March 10 in Frankfurt am Main, was dedicated to the reform of the church. In the next three years, documents will be prepared and the liturgical form of the blessing ceremony will be thought out.


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