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اسلام آباد(قدرت روزنامہ)وزیر مملکت برائے پیٹرولیم ڈاکٹر مصدق ملک نے واضح کیا ہے کہ سبسڈی اور نیا ٹیکس لگا ئے بغیر امیر کا پیٹرول مہنگا کر کے غریب کو ریلیف دے رہے ہیں،امیر کا پیٹرول مہنگا کر کے غریب کو ریلیف دے رہے ہیں، اس وقت ملک میں تقریبا 2کروڑ ساٹھ لاکھ موٹر سائیکل ہیں،تقریباً 2کروڑ 14لاکھ چھوٹی گاڑیاں ہیں .

وزیر مملکت پیٹرولیم مصدق ملک نے میڈیا سے غیر رسمی گفتگو کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ موٹر سائیکل کو سو فیصد ریلیف ملے گا، سستا پیٹرول ریلیف پیکیج کے تحت موٹر سائیکل کیلئے ماہانہ حد 21 لیٹر جبکہ چھوٹی گاڑیوں کی حد ماہانہ 30 لیٹر ہوگی صارفین کا فول پروف گیٹ وے ہوگا چوری یا بلیک میں بیچنے کا راستہ مکمل بند کر دیا گیا ہے .

Explaining the cheap petrol plan, Mossadegh Malik said that this package cannot be called a subsidy, if the price of petrol falls too much, then the government will decide the difference. 50 percent of the poor people will be benefit from this. There are 25 million motorbikes in the country, while more than 16 million registered small vehicles are rickshaws. Mossadegh Malik explained by giving an example, if the price of petrol rises to 300 then customers with big cars will pay 350 rupees per liter while the motorbike and small vehicles (800 cc) will get 250 rupees of petrol in which car The month . limit for bicycles is 21 liters and the daily limit is 2 litres, while the monthly limit for small vehicles is 30 liters and the daily limit is 5 litres. He said that the poor people will get 46 crore 10 lakh liters of petrol at a cheap price per month There will be an audit by the Auditor General or a third party. Mossadegh Malik said that there will be a difference of 100 rupees per liter in the petrol of the rich and the poor

And after every 15 days the difference in petrol between the rich and the poor will be announced and after that the poor will be relieved. He said if small car and motorcycle owners spend less petrol in a month, the rich will get relief per liter considering the accumulated amount.

Three options are considered for relief, where payment by password or card or BISP has been negotiated, where the One Time Password (OTP) option is preferred. He said that this program could not be discussed with the IMF before, we have already given a similar program on gas and there was no subsidy on it either, but we gave relief to the poor by giving expensive gas to the rich and 60 percent. The burden on gas consumers has been reduced.

Dr Mossadegh Malik said that this program has also been seen from a legal point of view, apparently no such legal problem is coming up, no ministry has raised any objection to this program because we are not takes money from anyone. He said that an escrow account will be established at the National Bank where the extra money taken by the nobles will be deposited into it and the account will be audited regularly. Mossadegh Malik said that an average of 2 crore motorcycles and 16 lakh vehicles will benefit from the package.

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