The political scientist called the key changes in the life of Russia with Putin’s coming to power

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During his presidency, Vladimir Putin restored Russia’s sovereignty, was able to improve the economic situation, prevented further disintegration of the country and returned the lost territories. This was stated in a conversation with URA.RU by the deputy director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Candidate of Historical Sciences Vladimir Shapovalov.

On March 26, 2000, in the general elections, Vladimir Putin was elected President of the Russian Federation for the first time. In that vote, he managed to score 52.94% of the vote. In the first months of his reign, Putin’s approval rating reached over 80%.

“It was from the moment Vladimir Putin was elected president that a number of very important, key changes began in Russia. This policy continues to the present and gives prospects for the development of our country in the future. First of all, thanks to the policy of the President of Russia, it was possible to fully restore the territorial integrity and prevent the possible disintegration of the country, its disintegration, division into separate warring parts. Such a goal was set in the West after the collapse of the Soviet Union,” said Vladimir Shapovalov.

The political scientist noted that Putin systematically worked to strengthen the territorial integrity of the state and return the lost lands. “The restoration of the country’s territorial integrity began with the victory over terrorists in the North Caucasus. Moreover, the tendencies of disintegration were replaced by a tendency to collect Russian lands. In 2014, Crimea returned to its native harbor, and in 2022, as a result of referendums held in September 2022, four new regions entered the Russian Federation, ”the agency’s interlocutor specified.

Putin’s policy is aimed at realizing the potential and opening up prospects for the citizens of the Russian Federation, Shapovalov emphasized. “Russia’s gross domestic product has grown 15 times over the years. Unemployment is kept to a minimum. Russia has accumulated significant gold and foreign exchange reserves and paid off its debts. The most important thing is that the state, implementing national projects, which are the initiative of our president, constantly cares about improving the quality of life of Russians. Infrastructural facilities are being built: schools, hospitals, social protection facilities, road infrastructure. New jobs are opening up. In fact, the financial and economic sovereignty of the country has been restored,” he specified.

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