The political scientist appreciated "political weight" Medvedev


    Chairman of the United Russia Party, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev speaks at the XX Congress of United Russia - 1920, 04.12.2021

    MOSCOW, 4 Dec – Retention of the post of chairman of the United Russia party for Dmitry Medvedev means that he remains in the pool of serious political players with the possible prospect of new career growth, political scientist Vladimir Slatinov believes.
    Medvedev on Saturday at the XX Congress of “United Russia” was re-elected chairman of the party.
    “The post of party chairman is an important political resource and thus … Medvedev retains a place in the pool of influential political players with a possible political future that could change in different directions,” Slatinov said.
    According to him, re-election means that Medvedev remains in public politics and the Russian political elite.
    “We see that he actively speaks out on various issues: both on domestic policy and on foreign policy. We see that he does not leave for the posts that were promised to him – either the chairman of the Constitutional Court, or the senator for life … He retains his status a serious player. Although this is not the post of prime minister, but this is a position in the pool of the Russian top political elite, “the expert added.


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