The police will check the mass poisoning of dogs in Moscow


At least 17 dogs died after walking in the Butovsky forest park

Residents of Butovo complained about dog hunters who appeared in the south of Moscow. Mass persecution of animals began last week, said

According to local resident Vera, 17 animals died. The last case of poisoning occurred on 11 August. The owner realized in time that his pet was poisoned, and took the dog to the veterinary clinic.

“Now we all walk around with syringes – there are only 20 minutes to save the animal, then it will be too late,” she shared.

Dog owners believe that four-legged dogs are being poisoned with “human” medicine. The symptoms of the dead animals were the same – foam from the mouth, loss of consciousness, and then death.

Dog breeders intend to find out the truth, but for this it is necessary to conduct an examination. The analysis of a poisonous substance costs about 80 thousand rubles.

Law enforcement officers have joined the investigation into the mass poisoning of animals. The check is carried out by employees of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region.

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