The police of Primorye drew up an administrative report on the actor of the project “Nalivkin”


Actor Andrei Kornienko, who plays the role of police lieutenant colonel Alexei Andreichenko in a series of parody videos about the fictional head of the executive committee of the Ussuriysk district Vitaly Nalivkin, has been charged with an administrative offense. The police of Primorye considered that the actor illegally plays in the form of a lieutenant colonel: he is charged with illegal wearing of uniforms with insignia, with the symbols of state paramilitary organizations, law enforcement or regulatory authorities (Article 17.12 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation).

The reaction of the police followed after the release of another video YouTube channel (the site violates the laws of the Russian Federation) BARAKuda, where Vitaly Nalivkin, saving the inhabitants of the Ussuriysky district from the heat, douses them with cold water from a hose. He renders the same assistance to the crew of the traffic police patrol car and Lieutenant Colonel Andreichenko, languishing from stuffiness.

“After that, an administrative protocol was drawn up against Kornienko. The police officers seized the actor’s props – a uniform and a car flasher, ”Galina Antonets, the lawyer of the director of the Nalivkin project Andrei Klochkov, told Kommersant. According to her, the actor does not admit guilt. “The Primorye police should be more loyal to humor and satire. I don’t know that the actors of numerous TV series were punished for playing in the form of police officers,” said Ms. Antonets.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Primorye declined to comment today.

This is not the first case of close attention of the Primorye police to the work of the authors of the Nalivkin project. In September last year, Andrei Neretin, an actor who plays the role of Vitaly Nalivkin, was arrested in Ussuriysk for two days. He was charged with obscene language in a public place (part 2 of article 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation). Also received ten days of arrest Larisa Krivonosova – an actress who plays the role of the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ussuriysk region Marina Vulf. Earlier, in June 2020, Andrei Neretin received five days of administrative arrest.

And in November last year, a criminal case was initiated against director Andrei Klochkov and producer Semyon Vavilov. The investigation saw hooliganism with the use of explosives (part 3 of article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) during the filming of one of the episodes of the series about the fictional head of the executive committee of the Ussuri district. In the video “Vitaly Nalivkin prevented a terrorist act”, a fake official uses a grenade launcher, from which a billboard with a United Russia banner falls. Andrei Klochkov and Semyon Vavilov assure that filming props were used, military weapons were not involved, and insist on innocence.

“Klochkov and Vavilov have recently been charged in the final version,” lawyer Antonets specified.

YouTube channel has already published dozens of satirical videos about the adventures of the fictitious “chairman of the executive committee of Ussuriysk” Vitaly Nalivkin. The videos imitate news releases and usually last only about a minute. The protagonist, a tongue-tied man in a suit with a tricolor badge on his lapel, is trying to solve the problems of the city.

Alexey Chernyshev, Vladivostok


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