The Poles mocked Ukraine because of "Nord Stream – 2"


    Construction of the Nord Stream ‑ 2 gas pipeline - 1920, 01/15/2022

    MOSCOW, Jan 15 – Polish portal readers Interia appreciated the decision of the US Senate not to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2, expressing doubts that Ukraine would benefit from stopping the project.
    The day before, the upper house of Congress rejected a bill on sanctions against the Russian project, proposed by Republican Ted Cruz. The initiative won 55 votes out of the required 60 – 43 senators voted against. The White House also did not support the project due to fears that it would “undermine the unity of the European allies.”
    “Does the launch of Nord Stream 2 force anyone to buy the gas flowing through this pipe? If he did, then the “claims” could still be considered partly justified, but no. Sanctions are sheer stupidity. The funny thing is looks like the position of Ukraine. Why are our “brothers with a trident” sure that if Nord Stream 2 is blocked, the gas will go through Ukraine? It will not go!” – wrote the user mefis58.
    “Permission should be given to launch Nord Stream 2. The main thing is that the EU has cheap gas, Ukraine does not interest me,” Myślący stressed.
    “The Yankees also benefit from higher prices. Who will they support in this case: suppliers, that is, Russia, or buyers, that is, Poland?” asked jednak.
    “Russia does not force anyone to buy its gas. You can buy it from the Americans, Norwegians or Qataris, it is enough to outbid the price paid by China and Japan (about 1.2 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters),” czyż nie said.
    “Now we have clearly seen who elected the president to the Americans, and who actually controls America. Can the USA be trusted? I doubt it very much,” Pepe became worried.
    Nord Stream 2 is a gas pipeline with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany, which has already been built and is ready for operation. To put the facility into operation, it is necessary to complete the certification procedure for Nord Stream 2 AG as an operator. In accordance with European legislation, it must create a German “daughter” and submit an application on its behalf. The German Federal Network Agency will then make a decision, on which the European Commission will express its opinion. According to the media, this may take several months.
    The process has been suspended under pressure from the United States, who want to use Nord Stream 2 as a lever of pressure on Russia in the aggravated situation around Ukraine. Moscow urges not to politicize the project, emphasizing that it is purely economic in nature.
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov earlier called the proposal of US senators to introduce new sanctions against Russia a nervous breakdown. As Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted, Russia considers bills on new sanctions against Moscow as a continuation of Washington’s destructive line.
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