The PMC “Wagner” revealed which Sverdlovsk citizens are taken into their ranks. Photo

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The PMC “Wagner” said that first of all they look at the moral and business qualities of candidates who come with a desire to join the organization in the Sverdlovsk region. Of the 100% of Sverdlovsk residents who want to join PMCs, only 5% do not pass the selection, and then for personal reasons, shared a representative of the Wagner PMC in the Sverdlovsk region with the call sign “Strazhnik”.

“Many guys turn to us, and we consider each one in a separate order. We are no longer looking at how the standards are passed, but at the desire, desire, and core. No matter how powerful an athlete [кандидат]psychology is psychology. Perhaps he may be a master of sports, but instructors look primarily at moral and business qualities. But in terms of physical activity, the guys show decent results, ”the fighter shared.

The selection itself takes place in several stages: filling out a questionnaire, passing physical standards, after that they are sent to the training base, where classes begin with experienced combat instructors. Of the 100% of applications at the selection stage, about 5% are eliminated. These are those who changed their minds themselves, or who were weeded out. It often happens that those who were weeded out return after a while, but already in better physical shape and prepared. Then they are taken into the ranks of the Wagner PMC.

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Representatives of PMC “Wagner” revealed how Sverdlovsk residents are selected
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