The pilot from Bucha, who led the “Ghosts of Kyiv”, will be taken on his last journey on Monday

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Farewell to the Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pilot Mikhail Matyushenko, who led the “Ghosts of Kyiv”, will be held in Bucha on Monday.

About this in Facebook Anatoliy Fedoruk, mayor of Bucha, wrote, Ukrinform reports.

“Farewell will take place on Monday, October 3 at 2 pm, on the Alley of Heroes in Bucha – at the cemetery along Deputatskaya Street, 1. Eternal flight to you, Colonel Matyushenko! Sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and personally to his wife Larisa Matyushenko, a deputy of the Buchansk City Council. Eternal glory and honor to our Hero,” he specified.

According to the mayor, Matyushenko, who was originally from Bucha, died heroically during a combat mission in an air battle in the sky over the Black Sea on June 26, 2022. The military pilot flew many types of military and civil aircraft and served in various military units. Before the war, Matyushenko worked as the head of one of the Ukrainian airlines.

“Mikhail Matyushenko, callsign “Grandfather”, passed on his invaluable work experience to the younger generation. And only now we have the right to tell the truth: the “Ghosts of Kyiv” was led by a pilot from Bucha,” the mayor wrote.

Fedoruk noted that with the advent of Colonel Matyushenko to the leadership, the 40th tactical aviation brigade did not suffer losses in the air, which means that all the pilots from the “Ghosts of Kyiv” returned alive.

However, one day Matyushenko did not return from another flight, and they searched for him for a long time. And only now the body of the deceased will be brought to Bucha.

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As reported, a mural dedicated to the “Ghost of Kyiv” was opened in the capital on Podil on the initiative of the “For My Ukraine” charity foundation.

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