The person accused of murdering Sverdlovsk resident Dana said that he took her off the path in the park

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In Kamensk-Uralsky, a girl’s body was found in a ravine

Cyclist Eduard Golikov from Kamensk-Uralsk said he took 16-year-old Dana by the hand from the path in the park, pushed her to the ground and kept his hand on her neck while the schoolgirl screamed. Details about the high-profile case appeared online.

“At first he denied everything. Then, during one of the additional interrogations, he said that he tried to get to know her, and after she refused, he dragged her off the path and threw her to the ground. The girl screamed, and he put his hand on her neck, but did not strangle her,” a source in the law enforcement agencies told E1.

The publication’s interlocutor added that unexpectedly for Golikov, the schoolgirl lost consciousness, and he got scared and ran away. However, the man subsequently completely renounced this testimony and stated that he had incriminated himself.

Dana disappeared in Kamensk-Uralsky on the evening of August 8th. She returned from Yekaterinburg and went home late in the evening, but never arrived. The very next day, her body was found in a forest belt. No signs of violence were found on the body. A video was posted online showing her being chased by a cyclist. Eduard Golikov was detained and charged with murder and theft of Dana’s phone, but he did not admit his guilt, saying that he was just riding and, seeing the schoolgirl unconscious, took her phone for himself. All information about what happened is in the URA.RU story.

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