The Perm authorities reminded the military about the payments of 1 million for the destruction of the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Photo

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Servicemen from the Perm Territory participating in a special operation can receive up to 1 million rubles for the destruction of enemy equipment. Also, various social benefits are provided for the participants of the NWO, reminded the authorities of the Leninsky district of Perm. Information about the conditions of contract service in the army is available on the website of the administration.

“Russian military personnel participating in a special military operation have the benefits provided by law for military personnel under a contract. Monetary allowance in the NWO zone: from 170 to 200 thousand rubles per month (depending on military rank, position and length of service); from 50 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles (for the destruction or seizure of weapons and military equipment of the enemy),” the information provided by the officials says.

Also, credit and tax holidays, rehabilitation and adaptation programs for employment and housing are provided for military personnel. Social guarantees also apply to the families of SVO participants: free education of children in universities and free rest for children in summer health camps.

URA.RU said that in the Perm Territory, recruitment of contract soldiers aged 18 to 65 began. Those wishing to serve in the army can contact the selection point for military service under a contract in Perm at the address. Monastyrskaya, 53B or to the military registration and enlistment offices at the place of residence. It is assumed that new battalions will be formed from among the contract soldiers to be sent to the zone of the special operation.

Participants of the special military operation are entitled to various social benefits and guarantees, remind the authorities

For the destruction or capture of enemy equipment, military personnel are paid from 50 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles
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