The Pentagon is confused about the amount of aid delivered to Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Due to a mismatch in assessment categories, the amount of military aid sent by the American authorities to Ukraine was overpriced. This was announced by the representative of the US military department Sabrina Singh.

“During periodic monitoring of the aid sent, the ministry found a discrepancy in the assessment. In some cases, the concept of “recovered cost” was used, rather than “net book value”, which led to an overpricing of equipment obtained from US stocks,” Sabrina Singh told RIA Novosti reporters.

At the beginning, Washington allocated another $1.2 billion aid package to Kyiv. White House adviser John Kirby, in this regard, said that the United States will retain the ability to financially support Ukraine even in the event of a default in the country. After that, they wrote that the United States had about six billion dollars left out of 48 in the aid package for Ukraine approved in December. This meant that financial assistance to Kyiv from Washington could end by mid-summer.


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