The Pentagon admitted that the Russian Armed Forces are seizing American weapons in the NVO zone

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The armed forces of the Russian Federation seize American weapons supplied to Ukraine in the zone of the special military operation. This was stated by US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Cole.

“According to our estimates, if some systems are redirected to the wrong place, then they are captured by the Russians. This always happens, ”the American television network reports the words of Colin Call. C-SPAN.

Also, the Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States stressed that “there is no evidence” that the weapons supplied by the United States are “sent to the wrong place.” “There is no evidence that Ukrainians are sending weapons to the black market,” he said.

Earlier, the special forces of the Russian Federation used new kamikaze drones against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The new strike system is capable of automatically choosing a route to hit a target and is used in the assault on Ukrainian positions, especially in urban areas.


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