The Parliament of Gagauzia approved the decision of the CEC on the election of the head of the autonomy Yevgenia Hutsul

The People’s Assembly (Parliament) of Gagauzia decided to approve the decision of the Central Election Commission on the election of Yevgenia Hutsul, a representative of the opposition Shor Party, as the head of the autonomy. This decision was supported by all deputies at an emergency meeting held on Tuesday evening, which gathered in connection with the escalation of tension in the region.

“The decision to support the decision of the CEC on the approval of the election of Bashkan (head of Gagauzia) Yevgenia Hutsul was made unanimously,” – said after the roll-call vote the chairman of the National Assembly Dmitry Konstantinov.

The decision of the deputies was welcomed by the participants of the spontaneous rally near the parliament building, who accused the Moldovan authorities of trying to cancel the voting results. He gathered after the Moldovan police raided the CEC.

The People’s Assembly also appealed to the authorities of Moldova with a demand to stop pressure on Gagauzia and voted to convene a congress of deputies and mayors of the autonomy’s settlements on May 27.

“We will not tolerate pressure from the central authorities on Gagauzia. In Chisinau they are already openly telling us that we should think the way they say. It’s time to end this.” Konstantinov said in an interview with the GRT TV channel, which broadcast the meeting live.

He also said that the deputies appealed to all diplomatic missions accredited in Moldova in connection with an attempt by the republic’s authorities to annul the election of the head of autonomy.

According to the law, the Appellate Chamber of Comrat declares the elections valid, and the winning candidate is declared the elected head of Gagauzia. After its decision, a special meeting of the People’s Assembly of the autonomy is convened for the new head to take office and take the oath.

The CEC of Gagauzia presented on Tuesday the final results of the elections for the head of the region, in which Hutsul won. After that, employees of the Moldovan police came to the CEC building. According to the press service of the National Center for Combating Corruption of Moldova, they carried out investigative measures in the case of bribing voters. This caused public outrage – a spontaneous rally began in Comrat, the participants of which did not allow the police to take documents out of the CEC building. It was attended by deputies of the People’s Assembly. The current head of Gagauzia condemned the actions of the Moldovan authorities Irina Vlakhformer President of Moldova Igor DodonMoldovan opposition parties.

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