The owner of MMK Rashnikov in Magnitogorsk became richer by $ 2.6 billion in a year

Visit of Nikolai Tsukanov to MMK.  Chelyabinsk region, Magnitogorsk, Viktor Rashnikov, portrait

Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMK Viktor Rashnikov in Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region) in 2022 became richer by 2.6 billion US dollars. The industrialist’s fortune increased to nine billion dollars.

“Victor Rashnikov from the Russian Federation, industry. The total net worth is 9.15 billion US dollars,” the Bloomberg news agency notes.

As of April 5, 2022, that is, about a year ago, Rashnikov’s fortune reached $6.6 billion. As a result, the fortune has grown. The positive dynamics in the increase in the assets of the industrialist continued in 2023. Since January, the state has grown by 612 million dollars. During the last month, the amount of the state was even estimated at 5.58 billion US dollars.

Rashnikov is not the richest representative of the Russian Federation in the Bloomberg list, he is on line 209. Among Russians, the company of a native of Magnitogorsk is Vladimir Potanin (line 43), Leonid Mikhelson (line 52), Vladimir Lisin (line 72) and others. The “poorest” among the rating participants from Russia is the banker Petr Aven with a fortune of $5.39 billion (line 449).


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