The oldest Chelyabinsk journalist caught an unusual fish. Photo

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The famous Chelyabinsk journalist and photojournalist Yevgeny Tkachenko caught a mirror carp. An 86-year-old veteran of journalism caught an unusual fish in the Argayash region.

For fishing, Tkachenko caught four carps with a total weight of six kilograms, two of which are mirror ones. Two more, small ones, were released back into the reservoir. Bread was used as bait. Evgeny Ivanovich noted that carps love this very much.

Evgeny Tkachenko is the founder of the Chelyabinsk photo club, organized in 1959 and known internationally, retired ITAR-TASS special correspondent. Author of the photograph “Pipe for you, Adenauer!”, taken at the edge of the “Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant”. One of the pictures that got into international publications and brought Tkachenko fame abroad. The inscription addressed to the German Chancellor was applied by the workers of the plant to the first domestic large-diameter pipe after the German ban on supplying pipes to the USSR.

Tkachenko Evgeny Ivanovich.  Chelyabinsk
Evgeny Tkachenko said that it is good to catch carp for bread


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