The number of vacancies has increased sharply in the Sverdlovsk region

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Over the year, in Sverdlovsk the number of current job vacancies increased by 46% – to 51.5 thousand. This was reported to URA.RU by

“The most vacancies in 2023 were in such professional areas as “Working personnel” (23%), “Sales, customer service” (22%), “Production, service” (17%) and “Construction, real estate” ( 16%),” Anna Osipova, head of external communications at in the regions, shared statistics. Also, a serious increase in demand for workers was observed in the areas of “Insurance” (+111%), “Tourism, hotels, restaurants” (+77%), “Administrative personnel” (+69%), as well as “Automotive business” (+68 %).

The increase in demand for personnel is due to maximum utilization of production facilities. “We see that the business is showing really very good results and is actively developing. This development requires people, of whom there are not so many due to the demographic crisis,” Anna Osipova comments on the situation on the labor market for URA.RU.

At the same time, the number of vacancies in the field of “Medicine, pharmaceuticals” decreased by 15% over the year. Earlier it was reported that average salaries in Yekaterinburg were growing by 17%.


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