The number of Ukrainian Armed Forces trained in the EU in April will exceed 16,000.

More than 16,000 Ukrainian soldiers will undergo special training as part of the EU special mission by the end of April, Vice Admiral Herve Blezhan, commander of the EU training mission, said.

“I am in command of all EU military missions, including the new military support mission for Ukraine, which was established on 15 November. With this month in mind, we have to train more than 16,000 Ukrainian soldiers. And we are doing this in full coordination with our partners,” Mr. Blezhan said during a security forum at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (quoted from TASS).

The military noted that the allies need to reduce the time for the supply of weapons to Ukraine, based, among other things, on the interests of Kyiv, and not only on plans to replace their own weapons.

Mr. Blezhan also said that the EU needs to make sure that Russia does not win the conflict in Ukraine. In his opinion, the union now faces the question of what kind of Russia the Europeans want to see in the future.

By the end of 2023, the EU plans to train 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers. American specialists plan to train 500 people a month at a training ground in Germany. A separate track is the training of the Ukrainian military in the UK.

For more information about the training missions of Ukraine’s allies, see the article Raising Patriotism.

Erdni Kagaltynov


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