The number of suicides in the US army has reached a historical high

In the United States, a record number of military personnel committed suicide in 2021. The number of suicides in the army last year was 176, and this was the highest suicide rate in military units of the active army on record since 1938. About it writes The Epoch Times.

The rise in suicide rates began in 2015. The military is at risk because they are at an increased risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Clinical psychologist and owner of Flourish Mental Wellness in Arizona, Dr. Danielle McGraw, explained that when people are under stress, it can create feelings of hopelessness that can lead to self-harm. Another provoking factor is the feeling of shame, which often pushes for suicide.

Former Army Engineer and US Army Veteran John Nelson said soldiers often find themselves in situations that can seriously affect their mental health. A serviceman remembers how his platoon members had to remove human remains from bombed-out vehicles. Nelson noted that the soldiers involved in the work returned to base at the end of the day “different.”

And psychiatrist Tracey Lutz said that veterans she has worked with report that they understood they were being used primarily as pawns for state political power, but did not feel a real purpose in their duties. A 2021 Blue Star Families Military Lifestyles survey shows that eight out of 10 active duty respondents have been separated from their families in the last 18 months. Moreover, 31 percent were absent from home for six months or longer.


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