The new place of residence of singer Vera Brezhneva, who left Russia, has been named

Singer Laima Vaikule spoke about Vera Brezhneva who moved to Riga

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Singer Vera Brezhneva, who left Russia after the start of the special operation, moved to Latvia and settled in Riga. About it in an interview YouTube channel “And Graham Came” said the Soviet pop star Laima Vaikule.

The singer explained that Brezhnev will become a member of her music festival, which will be held in Jurmala in July.

“I recently met with Brezhnev. She is real, very beautiful. Vera lives in Riga, not far from me,” said Vaikule.

After the start of a special military operation, Vera Brezhneva, together with her husband, producer and composer Konstantin Meladze, left Russia.

Last June, Anastasia Drapeko, a former PR manager for the singer, said that the singer had left for Poland to work with Ukrainian refugees. She stressed that Brezhnev did not intend to return to Russia.

After that, the singer recorded several new songs in Latvia and, according to media reports, continues to give concerts in European countries.


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