The new Italian authorities urged the European Commission not to be afraid of them

The European Commission should not be afraid of anything after the victory of the right in the elections in Italy, Antonio Tajani, the former speaker of the European Parliament, Silvio Berlusconi’s party coordinator, said on September 27.

He said that he had a meeting with the head of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, “reassured” her and assured her that the right-wing coalition would “demonstrate the ability to govern Italy.”

As previously reported, a few days before the vote, von der Leyen threatened Italy with negative consequences in the event of a right-wing victory in the elections if the winners follow the political example of their colleagues from Hungary and Poland. In Rome, her words caused a scandal.

At the same time, the main media in Italy and the European Union throughout the campaign frightened voters with a “flight of investors” in the event of a victory for the right (the data of stock quotes, however, did not confirm this).

As previously reported, the victory in…

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