The new government will have the same ministers — EADaily, February 13, 2023 — Politics, Moldova and Transnistria News

Most of the former team of officials will remain working in the new cabinet of Dorin Recean. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, Nicu Popescu, told the New York Times (NYT) about this.

According to the head of the MFAEI, the resignation that took place last week Natalia Gavrilitsy will not affect the goal of Chisinau to promote the initiated reforms and become part of the European Union.

“This is not a crisis, but a regular reshuffle in the government,” Popescu assured.

The fact that most of the ministers of the already former government of Gavrilitsa will retain their positions on TV8 was also mentioned by a deputy from the ruling Action and Solidarity Party (PDS) Radu Marian. Premier candidate Dorin Recean is expected to present her government team and program of action early this week. He clarified that the deputies and members of the PDS met in the presidential administration to discuss who will be part of the new government.

“The current team will be the basis of the new government. We want to continue the work we have started and speed it up. Most of the ministers of the previous government will be in the new cabinet,” Marian confirmed.

At the same time, he does not rule out that some ministries may be reorganized.

Recall that the President of Moldova Maya Sandu On February 10, she appointed her adviser on national defense and security, Secretary of the Security Council Dorin Recean to the post of prime minister. Formally, she held consultations with parliamentary factions immediately after Natalia Gavrilitsa’s announcement of her resignation, but opposition representatives did not participate in these discussions. The bloc of communist-socialists and the Shor faction believe that in fact there will be a “change of one incompetent government to another,” and demand early parliamentary elections.

As reported EADaily , candidate for premier Dorin Recean hastened to name the priorities of his future cabinet. This is order and discipline in institutions, new life for the economy, as well as peace and stability.

“The main thing in the program of the new cabinet will be European integration. It is necessary to give an additional impetus to this process, to harmonize legislation, to fulfill the obligations assumed to the EU”, Rechan emphasized.

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