The new chief of the Sverdlovsk UFSB conducted an audit of the work of the security forces. A photo

The site of the anti-terrorist operation in Yekaterinburg, where three terrorists were killed.  Yekaterinburg, FSB, counter-terrorist operation, who

The new head of the FSB for the Sverdlovsk region, Igor Nikolaev, checked the work of the department during the anti-terrorist exercises on August 18-19 and assessed their preparation for threats. This was reported to URA.RU in the press service of the department.

“The head of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Sverdlovsk Region, Major General I.V. Nikolaev. an objective assessment of the level of interaction between the subjects of anti-terrorist activities was given, ”the ministry said in a statement. They noted that the FSB security forces achieved all the goals of the past exercises.

The events were held on the territory of the Ural Football Academy in Yekaterinburg. According to the scenario of the exercises, mock terrorists seized the premises of the sports center. Employees of the FSB, FSO, as well as Sverdlovsk police officers, investigators, the Russian Guard and the GUFSIN worked out ways to deal with the threat. The press service shared photos of the work of employees.

The security forces announced the start of the exercises on August 18. They were supposed to last a little less than a day – until 12:00 on August 19. Igor Nikolaev was appointed head of the FSB for the Sverdlovsk region by order of the President of the Russian Federation on July 5. The former chief Alexei Zinoviev moved to the central office of the department.

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