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The National Association of Romanian Carriers calls for a cap on fuel prices


The National Association of Romanian Transporters (FORT) is demanding that the Romanian government impose official limits on fuel prices. The Association refers to the example of Hungary and Slovenia.

“In Hungary and Slovenia, politicians did not try to calm everyone, referring to sufficient oil reserves, as happened three months ago in Romania, but introduced a cap on fuel prices for domestic consumers. After three months, we now want to know from the official representative of the Romanian state, what does the oil reserves have to do with the price of fuel, because during this time there was no one who could answer this question, ”the association says in a statement.

According to FORT, there is no other solution to the “situation at gas stations” than the introduction of a price cap. At the same time, FORT welcomed the legislative initiative to reduce VAT on road transport services from 19% to 5%. But at the same time, he demanded that the government immediately put this project into effect by an emergency decree and only after that sent it to parliament for legal formalization.

Without these measures, the Association claims, not only transportation, but also all other economic activities will stop, in conditions when there are “rumors” that by July the price of fuel will rise by another 3 lei (€ 0.60). At the same time, FORT calls on all transport companies to join the protests that will take place throughout Romania at the entrances to service stations.

In Romania, last week the price of diesel fuel exceeded the level of 9 lei (€1.82) per liter at the market leader, Petrom. Petrom Wells sells petrol for about 8.5 lei (€1.72) per litre.

According to the Romanian financial publication Ziarul Financiar, since the beginning of the year diesel fuel in Romania has risen in price by about one and a half times, and there are no signs that the price increase will stop in the near future.


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