The mothers of the two murdered girls appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office after the news about the expiration of the contract of the convict with PMC “Wagner”

Mothers of victims of murders in Kaluga and Obninsk, Anna Boltynyuk and Natalya Odd, complained that the men found guilty of the massacre of their daughters were released from the colony, presumably to the zone of military operation, writes “Moscow’s comsomolets”.

18-year-old Yana Boltynyuk was raped and killed in Kaluga in the summer of 2014, Maria Odd in Obninsk in the spring of 2016. According to MK, at one time the cases were investigated within the framework of one production, as it was assumed that the girls could become a victim of a maniac.

In the case of the murder and rape of Yana Boltynyuk in 2019, the brothers Vladimir and Yevgeny Tatarintsev were sentenced to 18 years in prison. The investigation into the case continues. In the same year, the brothers Alexander and Vladislav Korobenkov were found guilty of the murder and rape of Maria Odd – they were sentenced to 19 years in prison.

According to MK, Yevgeny Tatarintsev and Vladislav Korobenkov were serving sentences to IK No. 4 in the Kaluga Region, and in 2022 they signed a contract with a PMC and left the colony. Ms. Boltynyuk, referring to the documents, claims that later Tatarintsev was pardoned.

“They had all the materials on the murder, they knew who was being released, absolutely everyone heard about the murder of Yana here in Kaluga. I don’t know who is on this commission, what kind of people… Perhaps they thought that people like Tatarintsev weren’t coming back, but he did. Six months later, he was tracked down by an investigator who continues to deal with Yana. As far as I know, Tatarintsev was interrogated as a witness,” said Ms. Boltynyuk.

The whereabouts of Vladislav Korobenkov is unknown, but Natalia Odd claims that he has not been in the colony for six months. “Since October last year, cash payments from the colony stopped coming, albeit ridiculous, but they still went, and this made it possible to track where he is … And I don’t know what this means – was he released after the end of the contract, like Tatarintsev, or he died. It can mean anything,” Ms. Odd pointed out.

From the publication of “MK” it also follows that the women did not receive the full amount of moral damages due to them. “According to the law, it is not at all clear whether Korobenkov owes me something else or, when signing the pardon, absolutely all debts were written off to him!” says Ms. Odd.

“MK” indicates that the Prosecutor General’s Office, where the women sent appeals, did not respond to the letters.

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