The mother of a girl killed by a Chelyabinsk citizen held her while her stepfather choked her

    Head of the Investigation Department of the TFR for the Chelyabinsk Region Petr Reshetnikov.  Chelyabinsk, investigative committee

    The mother of a 19-year-old girl killed by Alexander Yerutin from Chelyabinsk was with him at the time of the murder and, at his request, held her daughter’s hands so that she would not resist when she was strangled. This was reported by a URA.RU source in law enforcement agencies.

    “At first, the mother said that she didn’t know anything about what had happened to her daughter, but then she said that the cohabitant drinks, he had a bad relationship with his stepdaughter, so the girl left the house, which angered her mother, and on the evening of the murder in her hearts she told the drunk roommate that would kill an ungrateful daughter. On the same evening, the girl came for things, answered her mother that she was not going to return home, then her stepfather attacked her, knocked her down and began to choke her, but she resisted, and the man asked her mother to hold her hands, which she did, ”said source.

    As a result, the man strangled his stepdaughter. Her mother then helped him find a blanket in which he wrapped the body, and then at night they carried the body together into a dumpster at a container yard near the house.

    A couple of days later, the mother told the father of the deceased that her daughter was missing, and together they went to the police with a statement about her disappearance without a trace. Thus, the woman wanted to help the roommate to divert suspicions from him. So far, she has been interrogated as a witness, but in the near future she will be charged with complicity in the murder, most likely with complicity. The woman worked as a cleaner at the school.

    A request was sent to the press service of the Investigative Committee of the ICR of the region, the details of the crime are not commented there. Earlier, her stepfather Alexander Erutin, accused of the murder of a girl, was sent into custody by a court decision until October 4. It is known that he was prosecuted 11 times, his criminal case is in court on the theft of property of the mother of a murdered schoolgirl, as well as material on the abolition of probation for stealing things from a neighboring house.

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