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The most unusual features of iOS 14 for iPhone

Recently Apple introduced the next version of the mobile operating system iOS 14 for tablets and smartphones, starting with the iPhone 6s. Now it is being sent to devices around the world, including Russian users. RIA Novosti understands what is new in it and whether it is worth rushing with the update.

Modified interface
For a long time, Apple believed that smartphones and tablets did not need widgets – customizable GUI elements associated with a specific application. On the contrary, in the Android world it was literally from the first versions. But everything is changing.

IOS 13 introduces a separate screen for widgets. IOS 14 has a full implementation. From now on, users will be able to diversify the boring grid of application icons with all sorts of elements, for example, to control a music player or an advanced weather forecast. The freshness of the feature is, of course, questionable, but for the iPhone it is a step forward.

The once austere interface of Apple devices will be revived by another innovation, dubbed “Application Library”. Thanks to it, the system itself groups applications on the first screen of the iPhone and iPad, taking into account the user’s behavior, how often he launches them.

For Android device owners, it’s probably strange to hear that iOS hasn’t had a compact call screen all these years. This is when, for example, you watch a video on YouTube, and an incoming call does not occupy the entire screen. Now the iPhone can do this too – if you want, you can answer or reset without being distracted by switching windows.

OS 14 provides a “picture-in-picture” mode: you simultaneously watch a video in a small window (or talk over a video link) and scroll through social networks, rummaging through the phone’s settings. A trifle, but nice. Although, even budget Android devices have this feature.

No installation apps and tapping on the lid
IOS 14 has implemented the installation of “Blitz Apps”. If you need to get one function and not clog the memory of your smartphone, App Clips will help. And you don’t need to download software from the App Store. This gadget is no more than ten megabytes in size. Moreover, if you decide to install the full version, all data from the mini-applet will go into it.

Back in the beta of iOS 14, many were surprised to find that fresh iPhones had an undocumented feature. It turned out that they recognize touching the back panel. So, by tapping on the cover of a smartphone, you can perform more than 20 operations. For example, start the camera or pause music playback.

New in Siri
Siri’s voice assistant has been significantly reimagined. The dialogue with it will not occupy the entire display, overlapping important information. When you call Siri, an icon appears at the bottom of the screen, and responses appear as pop-up cards.

Siri speaks 11 foreign languages, including Russian, as well as Apple’s new Translate app. In this they are inferior to Google Translate. But they can work offline, without a network connection. Call transfer mode is activated when the iPhone is turned on its side. The software itself determines the language of the conversation, displaying the original and the translation on the screen.

Sound and safety
Improved interaction with AirPods Pro – the same TWS headset with active noise canceling. When Spatial Audio is enabled, the headphones enter dynamic head tracking mode. This creates surround sound, but only for subscription movies on Apple TV +.

The new version does not bypass the security of the device owner’s data. Applications can restrict access to certain functions. In the settings there is an indicator that signals if the application has hidden, for example, launched a microphone.

The smartphone is able to analyze the sound around and notify the user about it. This will come in handy for those who like to spend hours on end wearing headphones.

Not without bugs
IOS has a feature to select a third-party app to launch by default. Previously, when clicking on a link, for example, in social networks, the Safari browser was automatically launched. Now you can choose any analogue. Users are faced with the fact that it works until the device is rebooted – just turn off and turn on the smartphone, and all settings are lost.

Of course, Apple fixes such bugs promptly.
By the way, according to insiders, a minor iOS update is just around the corner. Version 14.2, which is already in beta testing, will see a change in the graphical interface and a number of new features.

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