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The Most Popular Programming Language In The World

GitHub is a chat room for software developers. However, the language of the chatter is a bit odd. Because here they talk in the programming language. About four million developers coordinated their projects on GitHub.

Which programming language is more popular among software makers today, who knows what programming language they write code for than GitHub authorities? They publish a list of the most popular programming languages ​​each year in the report entitled ‘The State of the Octaves’.

This year’s report was published last week. Like last year, Python has come in second place, even though JavaScript is in the first place.

1. Javascript

An important component of website creation. It is also useful in making games. Although there is a similarity in the name of work with Java is very few.

2. Python

Recently artificial intelligence is getting more and more used in the applications and data sciences. Easy to learn. There are large communities.

3. Java

Twitter and Netflix made in Java. Mobile and web apps, games, database-based software are more useful to create.

৪. PHP

Used specifically for creating websites. Benefits of working with databases. Facebook-Yahoo built in PHP.

5. C. Sharp

It is also made by Microsoft. Found in conjunction with Java. Used to create mobile apps, games and enterprise software.

6. C ++

In 3 C the programming language was created by Bayern Streavestroop. Used to create operating systems, browsers and games.

7. Typescript

The creator is Microsoft. Javascript is compatible with Quite powerful Used to create large software. Free source

8. Shell

Very popular with the IT department of the organization. This is because they are used to remotely guide operating systems.

9. C

General language of programming. Created by Dennis Ritchie in 2002. Many popular programming languages ​​originated from C.

10. Ruby

Yukihiro Matsumoto created the best parts of the preferred programming language in 1. Creating a website takes a lot of work.

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