The most famous Perm attack aircraft explained that he would speed up the victory of the Russian Federation in the special operation

Contract soldier of the Russian Armed Forces in the Northern Military District Alexander Grigorenko.  Perm, Alexander Grigorenko

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Mass production of drones, the creation of long-range artillery and a sufficient amount of ammunition will allow the Russian Federation to radically change the situation on active fronts. Perm ex-deputy and soldier Alexander Grigorenko shared his opinion.

“I don’t think that any completely breakthrough know-how will appear. Even the invention of tanks in the First World War did not have a strategic role <…>. But it is still possible to do something. First, we need to create effective ground-based, mine-counter-mine, and assault drones. Secondly, massively use FPV drones (drones with a camera). Thirdly, we need to create longer-range artillery. All this will give a real advantage at the front when establishing the production of the required number of shells. <…> This conflict (with Ukraine – approx. URA.RU) will become a confrontation of attrition,” wrote Alexander Grigorenko in his telegram channel.

Now the Perm resident is undergoing treatment in a hospital near Moscow. On the front line, Grigorenko commanded an assault group. In one of the battles he was seriously wounded. He is awaiting prosthetics. In a conversation with URA.RU, Grigorenko noted that he plans to continue his studies at the university when he returns to Perm. He became the most famous Perm attack aircraft among the participants in the special operation thanks to his media activities. Permyak posted posts from the front on Telegram, starred in a film and was the main character of several stories by television journalists.

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