The Moscow Regional Duma proposed to introduce benefits for entrepreneurs for the employment of students

March 21, 2023, 17:06

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The student teams of the Moscow region unite over three thousand people. Their members work on construction sites, farms and children’s camps. For employers, they plan to introduce new benefits – for students to undergo medical examinations.

The meeting on student groups was held in the Moscow Regional Duma Committee on Education, Culture, Science, Tourism, Sports and Youth Policy. As chairman Linara Samedinova noted, members of student associations work on farms, construction sites and in children’s camps. Every year, more than 700 students graduate from the school of counselors, and about 300 people work on sowing and harvesting.

“Every year the scope of work expands. Student youth bring real benefits to our region,” she added.

More than 500 people annually help in the hospitality sector, and more than 500 students a year also work as carpenters and welders. At the same time, entrepreneurs face some problems in finding employment. So, young people must undergo a medical examination. The Moscow Regional Duma offered to give them the opportunity to do this for free on the basis of polyclinics.

Now employers can receive subsidies for free education of students, but there are not enough places for everyone. This issue will also be taken up by the Ministry of Education.

The committee also proposed to create a register of organizations that hire members of student teams and motivate them to continue this work.

Entrepreneurs who cater to students can now apply for a social contribution benefit. The reduced tariff is 7.6%. The time of work of young people will be taken into account in the length of service for the formation of a pension.

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