The monitoring system for forest fires in the Moscow region was evaluated at the federal level

March 14, 2023, 14:04

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The Forestry Committee of the Moscow Region took part in a meeting on the readiness of the regions for the fire season. The Federation Council was presented with a fire monitoring system, which made it possible to reduce the arrival time of firefighters.

Thanks to the monitoring system in the Moscow region, it was possible to reduce the average area of ​​​​fires to 0.77 hectares, as well as reduce the cost of extinguishing, said Georgy Filimonov, deputy chairman of the government of the region.

“The experience and the system of the Moscow Region itself began to be used by other entities in their activities,” he added.

The forest protection system of the Moscow region is one of the most modern in Russia, it is constantly being improved. It consists of ground, aviation, space and video monitoring and allows you to track the situation in real time. With its help, specialists keep records of the composition of forces and means, look for the nearest fire equipment and predict the development of events.

“This year we are also introducing artificial intelligence into the system. Time does not stand still, and we must use the opportunities of digitalization to increase our efficiency,” Filimonov said.

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