The moment of a mass accident with two trucks near Moscow was shown on video: Incidents: Russia:

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The moment of a mass accident with two trucks on the M7 highway in the Moscow region was shown on video

The moment of a mass accident involving two trucks on the Gorky Highway in Moscow region shown on video. The recording, filmed by the camera of the registrar of one of the participants in the accident, publishes Telegram- channel “112”.

The footage shows the driver of the car following the minibus. Then the truck in front of them skids, and it turns around across the road. A moment later, a second truck flies out from behind it, which blows a minibus to the side of the road and rams one of the cars with its body. After that, the car from which the video was filmed crashes into her.

The collision occurred at about 14:30 on the 50th kilometer of the M7 Volga highway. According to preliminary data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, two trucks first collided, after which one of them drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into two cars and a minibus. Two injured hospitalized to the hospital with injuries. According to information Telegram-channel Mash, three injured.

On the frames published eyewitnesses, it is clear that the trucks blocked both sides of the highway. Employees at the scene traffic policeThe police are investigating what happened.

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