The Ministry of Labor clarified who can take a vacation at a convenient time


    Annual paid leave is due to all those who work officially. Traditionally, such a right arises after six months of work in one place, but this rule does not apply to everyone. In a special position, for example, honorary donors, pregnant women and even their husbands, military spouses and parents of disabled children. There are other nuances that need to be considered by anyone who is going to take a break from the working routine for a while. The Ministry of Labor spoke about them in its Telegram channel.

    The vacation schedule for the next year must be signed by the head of the organization no later than mid-December. Two weeks in advance, the employee must be warned about the upcoming vacation, and against signature.

    Another thing is if a newcomer has appeared at the enterprise. According to the Labor Code, he has the right to take a break for rest six months after the date of signing the employment contract. This can be done earlier by mutual agreement with the boss.

    However, he does not have the right to refuse some employees under any circumstances. Among them:

    • women before or after maternity leave or at the end of parental leave;
    • employees under the age of eighteen;
    • adopting one or more babies who are under three months old;
    • one of the parents or a guardian, guardian, foster parent raising a disabled child under the age of eighteen;
    • employees with three or more minor children until the youngest child reaches the age of fourteen;
    • husband, if his wife is on maternity leave;
    • workers recalled from vacation;
    • persons classified as veterans;
    • victims of radiation during nuclear tests at the Semipalatinsk test site, as a result of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the accident in 1957 at the Mayak production association and the discharge of radioactive waste into the Techa River;
    • donors of blood and its components, awarded with the badge “Honorary Donor of Russia;
    • heroes of labor, heroes of the USSR and Russia, full cavaliers of the orders of Glory;
    • spouses of military personnel – during the vacation of their soulmate;
    • part-time workers who took a vacation from their main job.

    The Labor Code also provided for a minimum vacation period of 28 days. Depending on merit, seniority, marital status, titles and health status, it can change upwards.

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    The Ministry of Labor also explained what to do if you had to take a sick leave while on vacation, how to reschedule your vacation if the manager asks you to urgently go to work.

    The full material will be published on the Parliamentary Newspaper website at a later date.


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