The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to ban illegal migrants from getting married in Russia

The head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Migration Issues, Valentina Kazakova, said that the department has prepared a bill prohibiting illegal migrants from registering cars, opening bank accounts and getting married in Russia. According to her, such a law will make it possible to identify illegal migrants and “remove” them from the territory of the Russian Federation.

“If you are an illegal migrant, you should not have the right to use these services,” said Valentina Kazakova at the plenary session of the IV All-Russian Forum “People of Russia – National Policy: The Modern Stage” (quote from TASS). According to her, the bill will soon be submitted to the State Duma for consideration.

Valentina Kazakova recalled that the issue of a digital profile of a foreigner, which will include electronic authorization and information about him, is also currently being discussed. “That is, the migrant will have to declare that he intends to enter the Russian Federation. And this will, of course, reduce the negative things that we still have,” she added.

On November 1, a bill was introduced into the State Duma, according to which a temporary residence permit (TRP) for migrant spouses of Russian citizens should be issued only after two years have passed from the date of such a marriage. The authors of the amendments also propose to confiscate temporary residence permits from those whose parental rights or marriage were annulled by the court. The innovations are intended to become a barrier to the practice of fictitious marriages and adoptions, through which migrants can obtain residence permits.

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