The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus identified 160 fellow citizens fighting in Ukraine

About 160 citizens of Belarus are participating in military operations in Ukraine, said the head of the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs Ivan Kubrakov. According to him, the department has established the identity of all these people.

The minister clarified that “this is a very, very conditional figure.” “160 individuals that we have identified, who in one way or another were seen on the territory of Ukraine during the hostilities. In fact, as soon as they had to participate in hostilities, half fled, someone had already died, ”he said in an interview with the TV channel ONT.

According to him, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is holding all these people accountable, as well as those “who are trying to be followers.” “We promptly reach out to those people who specify on the Internet how to get to the territory of Ukraine, how to take part in these hostilities. Therefore, we find these people, bring them to justice, somewhere we just hold a preventive conversation, ”he says.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly assured that his country is not involved in hostilities. The Belarusian Investigative Committee claimed that “oppositional Belarusians abroad” are financing military operations in Ukraine. For this, they face criminal liability in their homeland. In October, the KGB of Belarus announced the arrest of a Ukrainian spy and the Belarusians he recruited.

Read about the course of the Russian military operation in Ukraine in the material “Kommersant”.

Laura Keffer


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