The Ministry of Industry and Trade will study the production of the drug Driptan in the Russian Federation or its import by parallel import


    The Ministry of Industry and Trade reacted to the publication of Kommersant that the urological drug Driptan (oxybutynin) of the American Abbott had run out in Russian pharmacies. It is necessary for children with injuries and tumors of the spine and dysfunction of the bladder. The agency will consider the possibility of producing the drug in Russia or importing it under the parallel import mechanism.

    “The competencies of Russian manufacturers today make it possible to produce drugs in all therapeutic groups, and, of course, the issue of the possibility of producing the drug will be worked out with domestic manufacturers, as well as the issue of the possibility of using the parallel import mechanism, since the company’s violation of the procedure for informing federal authorities about suspension of deliveries,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade said TASS.

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    According to the ministry, the interruptions are due to production reasons and are temporary. Now in Russia, according to the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies, there are more than 18.7 thousand packages of drugs with the international generic name oxybutynin.

    The Ministry of Industry and Trade noted that manufacturers and distributors are required to inform the department at least a year before the planned suspension or termination of the import of medicines into Russia. No information has been received regarding Driptan.

    The American Abbott explained to Kommersant the interruptions by “updating production processes.” Roszdravnadzor clarified that the company informed about the suspension of the import of Driptan until the second quarter of 2023. The parties make it clear that the situation is not related to anti-Russian sanctions.

    More details – in the material “Kommersant” “Patients were brought to the kidney.”

    Leonid Uvarchev


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